Manufacturung execution systems

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Industry 4.0 consistently implemented.

A dmaic MES realizes short throughput times, high material availability, efficient material flow, adherence to schedules, and economic use of operating resources. The structured and transparent presentation of all production-relevant processes and key figures order into complexity. From the craftsman’s workshop to the industrial batch size 1 manufacturing – due to its flexibility and scalability, a dmaic MES is a match for any task grown. And thanks to the modular design, new plant components are quick, and integrated for operational reliability. If the processing machines connected to the MES are also connected to transport technology, the MES automatically controls the workpiece flow. The control is set to workpiece plane, i.e. the transport path of the workpieces is determined individually for each workpiece, and is controlled at the decision points in real time. The status of the system and the connected machines is monitored permanently. In case of a machine malfunction the dmaic-MES reacts immediately and, if necessary, directs the workpieces via an alternative route. The processing data for the connected machines is generated and transmitted completely by the MES. The identification of the workpieces is usually carried out via a label with barcode, RFID tag, or an accompanying sheet with bar codes, meaning that a simple scan can be used to load machines and provide them with processing data that is not connected to the automatic transport technology.

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