Mass Customization
Production of build-to-order products

From individual production to mass production

In the past, manufacturing companies could only offer predefined goods for sale. These products were mass-produced at a cost-efficient price. In recent years, the market has changed in that customers increasingly demand individualised goods. This is, for example, a wardrobe that is configured online to the millimetre, or a bicycle that is built uniquely in terms of appearance and equipment. However, buyers do not accept significant price increases for this.

Attractive and cheap for customers, but often a big challenge for manufacturing companies. In order to produce a profitable product at an attractive price, so-called “batch size 1” production (also known as mass customisation) is used.

Digital networking drives individual, efficient one-off production. With the help of digitalisation, automation and intelligent software solutions, such as the dmaic MES, processes and production are redesigned in such a way that maximum variable and efficient production processes are possible.

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