Industry 4.0 with dmaic

We help you to improve your competitiveness and increase productivity.

Nowadays a manufacturing company is confronted with special requirements. Increasing material and product variety, rising quality requirements, high productivity requirements, and the expectation of short production and delivery times are the challenges you have to face in order to be competitive.


Classic series production quickly reaches its limits here – either the production and delivery times because orders are collected, or there is a risk of overproduction and high storage costs. In addition, in many companies an intelligent network between ERP system, production and machines is missing.


Software from dmaic helps you to meet these challenges, and enables a fully automatic and process-safe batch size 1 production. The product of dmaic is as varied and individual as your requirements to the production and the composition of your machinery. With our flexible interfaces, we can connect any machine to the data acquisition system. The acquired data and the usage of the dmaic cycle


define > measure > analyse > improve > control


help to constantly improve the production process and thus lead to a significant increase of productivity.



Dmaic software also proves to be a valuable partner for mechanical engineering. For the mechanical engineering company the development of new software is difficult because the own software department is fully occupied with the project business and therefore capacitively mostly not in a position to be able to cope with a changeover to a modern system to implement an in-house development within a manageable time frame.


Dmaic software offers customized systems, from the individual and customizable modular system up to a complete system ready for immediate use. Therefor our focus stays on maximum stability, speed, resource conservation, a flexible and expandable architecture and on transparent, structured and intuitive user interfaces.

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Christian Blaschka

managing director
chartered engineer
(University of Applied Sciences)


Tel.: +49 (0) 5221 - 17 60 370

Andreas Reinhardt

managing director
Certified Software Developer


Tel.: +49 (0) 5221 - 17 60 370